If you are looking for commercial cleaning services in North Carolina, you have come up to the right page! 

Commercial cleaning ensures your workspace home interior looks maintained and clean. We are the pioneers of the cleaning industry with expertise in all aspects. Kick in Klean believes in providing quality residential cleaning services throughout the state with our base of commercial cleaning services in NC. From vacuuming offices to picking up hazardous waste, the retail industry covers all aspects, so you need professionals to handle the job well. Industries need training cleaners to ensure everyone stays safe, avoids mess, and prevents health hazards or damage.


If your workspace or commercial setup allows us to wear protective gear, we will arrange our tools according to the site’s requirements. We care for the hygiene standards according to your industry and business plan. We aim to make the job easier and more accessible for you. We provide commercial cleaning for all facilitations and centers, such as:

  • Automotive dealerships
  • Fitness centers
  • Business offices
  • Medical offices
  • Banks and finance institutes
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • IT offices 
  • Daycares and preschools
  • Textile industries 

 From small-scale industries to multinationals, we cater to all! 

Kick in Klean ensures you receive the best work from all the money paid. You can also offer us a quote according to your package and build a customized deal for your setup. Commercial cleaning services Charlotte, NC, market requires a lot of studies to ensure that you land the right vendor to take your job smoothly.


Cleaning the entire floor or unit might look like a tedious task, especially with all the movement of high-end heavy machinery. Most of these units have a proper layout which makes us perform in only a certain amount of area, which is why we ensure that each portion gets all of its due time. Kick in Klean has highly trained professionals who dedicate their time and effort to the project. We ensure that:

  • Each floor/unit is divided into portions and spaces to perform the cleaning tasks promptly in the given time to get the work done faster.
  • From washing the walls, sanitizing surfaces, carpet cleaning, and gunk removal, each task is carried out with professional-grade equipment to lessen the hazard. 
  • From specialist wash and machine cleaning to heavy-duty equipment usage, we know it all and perform each task carefully. 
  • Your machinery and equipment stay safe with us. When cleaning the equipment, we ensure that no extra wear and tear is a part of the project. 
  • Each cleaner is doing their job according to their expertise. Machine cleaning is a hefty task, and only the experts get to handle the most crucial parts of the job.


Apart from the usual cleanup on the commercial site, we are a recognized company that believes in following all the safety protocols and measures. It allows us to stay safe with the governing regulations and from uncalled liabilities. When choosing a company for commercial cleaning services in Charlotte, NC, select the one licensed and insured to receive good value for your money. From offices, restrooms, and breakrooms to parking lots, we cover it all at an affordable price with consideration towards quality work with performance. We can offer you quotes according to your projects; connect with us for more details and customizations in commercial cleaning.