• Automotive dealerships
  • Fitness centers
  • Business offices
  • Medical offices
  • Banks and finance institutes
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • IT offices
  • Daycares and preschools
  • Textile industries

We are not just limited to these industries and work with multiple setups to enhance our portfolio. From small-scale industries to multinationals, we cater to all! Kick in Klean ensures you receive the best work from all the money paid. From effective cleaning to safe disinfecting and exclusive cleaning, we do it all with the help of professional machinery and cleaning. You can also offer us a quote according to your package and build a customized deal for your setup.

Commercial cleaning services in Charlotte, NC

Commercial cleaning services in Charlotte, NC, market requires a lot of studies to ensure that you land the right vendor to take your job smoothly. The business market is massive and requires patience to get the job done. However, our professionals ensure that each process and step takes its time. Often these setups resemble domestic spaces with material, chemicals, and waste all over the floor. The floor is then cleaned out thoroughly to ensure that all the dirt and debris are off the surface.


If you are looking for commercial cleaning services in North Carolina, you have landed on the right page! Commercial cleaning ensures your workspace and setup look maintained, organized and clean. We are the pioneers of the cleaning industry with excellence in all aspects. Kick in Klean believes in providing quality services throughout the state with our base of commercial cleaning services in Charlotte, NC. From vacuuming offices to picking up hazardous waste, the retail industry revolves around all aspects, which means you need pros to handle the job well.

Industries need professional cleaners to ensure everyone stays safe and away from any health hazards or damage. This means that you should only choose the vendors and cleaners dedicated to getting the job done on time and do it with professional expertise. We have been in the cleaning industry for quite some time, and our professional experience has made us the top service providers for commercial cleaning services in Charlotte, NC. We ensure that you receive quality services through our professional trainers to maintain the hygiene standards of your retail outlet.

We offer standardized solutions with a smoothly aligned task force wholly dedicated to your job, which ensures quality work. If your workspace or commercial setup allows us to wear hazmat suits and protective gear, we will arrange that according to the site’s requirements. We care for the hygiene standards according to your industry and business plan. We aim to make the job easier and accessible for you! We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach but rather have programs that are customizable and twisted according to your project plan. Each industry is unique, so our teams foresee each task with due diligence to perform well according to the site’s needs. We operate commercial cleaning for all facilitations and centers, such as:


Cleaning the entire floor or unit might look like a tedious task, especially with all the movement of high-end heavy machinery. Most of these units have a proper layout which makes us perform in only a certain amount of area, which is why we ensure that each portion gets all of its due time. Kick in Klean has highly trained professionals who dedicate their time and effort to the project. These services are periodic and should be performed on a bi-annual basis to keep the unit clean and safe. Our cleaners follow a particular set of rules to minimalize the damages and maximize the cleaning. We ensure that:

  • Each floor/unit is divided into portions and spaces to perform the cleaning tasks promptly in the given time to get the work done faster.
  • From washing the walls, sanitizing surfaces, carpet cleaning, and gunk removal, each task is carried out with professional-grade equipment to lessen the hazard.
  • From the specialist wash and machine cleaning to heavy-duty equipment usage, we know it all and perform each task carefully.
  • Your machinery and equipment stay safe with us. When cleaning the equipment, we ensure that no extra wear and tear is a part of the project.
  • Each cleaner is doing their job according to their expertise. Machine cleaning is a hefty task, and only the experts get to handle the most crucial parts of the job.


Apart from the usual cleanup on the commercial site, we are a licensed company that believes in following all the safety protocols and measures. It allows us to stay safe with the governing regulations and from the uncalled liabilities. When choosing a company for commercial cleaning services in Charlotte, NC, select the ones licensed and insured to receive a good value for your money.

Technology is one of our best assets, and we cut down on a massive chunk of time and get the work done with more skill through our cleaning equipment. Kick in Klean has been in the cleaning service industry with commercial and residential cleaning as our primary services, making us the industry pioneers. Each element in your project is unique to us, which is why we ensure the complete safety of all your equipment, machinery, and weights on the floor. From offices, restrooms, and breakrooms to parking lots, we cover it all at an affordable price with consideration towards quality work with performance. We are available to offer you quotes according to your projects; simply connect with us for more details and customizations in commercial cleaning.


We develop a particular cleaning methodology to deliver the perfect custom cleaning service for each customer! Commercial cleaning services charlotte, NC, provides a custom cleaning plan that would fit your budget. You can make alterations in your cleaning packages to let our cleaning make a difference in your commercial building. We suggest our clients use appropriate cleaning supplies because the correct tools make cleaning more effective. Commercial cleaning services North Carolina discusses the cleaning plan with the clients and makes it personalized according to clients’ preferences. We believe reception is the first place everyone sees and leaves an impact as soon as someone visits an office.


Our commercial cleaners always show up on time!

Commercial cleaning services charlotte, NC, keeps the reception area clean and checks the major spots throughout the day. We believe the appearance of the office must be clean and tidy. So, our professional and trustworthy cleaners clean the front doors on both sides. They spray disinfectant, sweep, vacuum, and even mop the floors. Our cleaners ensure to clean the commercial building frequently and remove all the buildup, including dirt and grime. Commercial cleaning services North Carolina has a crew meeting your commercial cleaning demands. We can refer you to our cleaners because of their outstanding work commitments. They are always on time and do not let the dirt and dust buildup. Our cleaning services allow you to organize your stuff and keep the environment around you hygienic. Since we all have faced Covid’19, our commercial cleaning services understand how important it is to stay clean and take necessary precautions.


Commercial cleaning services North Carolina cooperating with the firm’s business operations!

Commercial cleaning services North Carolina not only commits but delivers high-quality cleaning services. Whether we get hired in a small business or a large famous commercial building, we provide the same efficient cleaning services to meet clients’ cleaning standards. Our workers generate an impact of professionalism and positivity among the employees and clients. Commercial cleaning services charlotte, NC, implements strict protocols when it comes to safety and security. Our staff delivers excellent customer service and produces changes in the pricing package to clients’ demands. Our efficient cleaners use a color-coded microfiber cloth system, ensuring hygiene and preventing cross contamination. You must have experienced that a smell comes from the toilets, producing a terrible impression in front of visitors and clients. So, commercial cleaning services in North Carolina make your workspace healthy and hygienic. Our commercial cleaning services get valued for money since our services suit your budget.

Commercial cleaning services charlotte, NC, can become your best business partner and cooperate efficiently with your business operations. Commercial cleaning services in North Carolina provide effective solutions from flooring, carpet cleaning, and vacuuming to dusting shelves and equipment. Our cleaners ensure to spray disinfect surfaces and take out all the trash, including break rooms, lobbies, and bathrooms. Commercial cleaning services charlotte, NC, helps limit health issues by investing in good quality equipment. Our commercial cleaners deep clean the workplace, which is healthy for the environment and puts towards other profitable aspects of the businesses.