Furniture Cleaning


Whether cleaning dining chairs, couches in the living room, or an armchair in your bedroom, we keep your fabric clean and fresh. Your furniture will get dust, stains, and germs over time. People allergic to dust must be careful. Moreover, if you live in a joint family, you must clean your stuff more often. Or, if you have a house full of pets, kids, or guests visiting frequently, you must get furniture cleaning through Charlotte, NC. We clean your furniture with organic solutions to provide high-quality cleaning results. Our professional cleaners ensure the entire process’s effectiveness using modern cleaning methods.


We work with clients and provide them with our cleaning services according to the signed agreement. We opt for the following ways to renew your furniture.

  • Advanced equipment:

Kick In Klean has equipment that cleans every type of upholstery, including microfiber, Jacquard, and Velvet. 

  • Removal of stains:

Our trained specialists work to remove stains, restore color and revive the upholstery.

  • Usage of friendly material:

The furniture cleaning tools use the finest and most environment-friendly materials for cleaning the furniture. We also specialize in water stains, so we stock different match fillers for scratches. 

Following are the tips to protect your favorite furniture pieces:

  • Cleaning:

Clean your furniture with soap and water. After cleaning, rinse the furniture pieces with a soap-free and damp cloth. Then you need to dry the surface with a third washcloth. Our professionals avoid all cleaners with ammonia since it can damage wooden furniture. 

  • The dusting of furniture:

Our experts will suggest you use a soft, dry cloth or a brush to dust your furniture. Regular dusting would help protect the furniture’s finish from unwanted grit and dirt build-up. 

  • Polishing furniture after cleaning:

We suggests our customers polish the wooden furniture to bring back the shine and protect the surface. Our professionals avoid using furniture polish that contains a high amount of alcohol since it can easily damage the wood finishes. 

  • Keeping furniture out of direct sunlight:

One must keep their furniture away from sunlight and try to avoid direct contact with furniture sunlight. Since sunlight can dry out furniture and fade the wood’s surface, they ensure special care of the wooden furniture. 

To eliminate any confusion among our clients, we are here to offer them our cleaning services and answers to a few questions.


We find people confusing and always asking us about various cleaning methods. Our Company would suggest gently cleaning the furniture with eco-friendly cleaning agents. We ensure the cleaning of all corners and edges with our hot water extraction process.

KickInKlean use modern, high-quality furniture and sofa cleaning services. We use the hot cleaning and extraction process to make your furniture look clean and new. We believe in replacing your furniture items. One must try to hire professionals to get the cleaning job done.

Our furniture cleaning services in Charlotte, NC, understand the client’s requirements and then plan on customized furniture cleaning services. We design our cleaning services for upholstery in a uniform and well-mannered way. We also take care of your possessions and take every precaution to guarantee that nothing will damage during our cleaning process.


We provide the best house cleaning services, carpet cleaning services, and window cleaning services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We can also assign our professional cleaners for different shifts. The 

Our Company experts
recleans any areas or items if needed to provide the client with satisfaction. We also offer a refund for the services if we know the client is unsatisfied. The spot cleaning of the carpets uses organic and eco-friendly products to separate the soil from the carpet fibers. When we finish cleaning all areas, we place the furniture back in its original place and vacuum it.  

We can customize our advanced cleaning solutions according to the customers’ budgets and demands. We opt for ways to provide the client with a superior clean and make a massive difference with the previous services. The cleaning experts at Kickinklean ensure that all the dirt gets removed and the leather of the furniture items gets cleaned. Our main tool for steam cleaning carpets does not include soapy residues since this tool allows a much shorter drying time for your carpets after getting cleaned.