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How to Clean Carpet: Five tips to deep clean your carpet professionally.

Cleaning a carpet can be one of the most challenging tasks, and depending on the color and type of fabric, it can be one hell of a task. If you are someone on the look for carpet cleaning services Charlotte NC, we have you sorted! Kick in Klean is an all-service cleaning company that indulges in perfection by crafting a cleaning plan best suited for you. Carpet cleaning is one of the most challenging things, which is why most people consider this job only for professionals. 

We have a fantastic blog for you if you are searching for the best service providers for carpet cleaning in Charlotte. With all the relevant information and experience of years, we are committed to making your life easier for you! From the rough back-and-forth usage of underfoot dust trap to your pets and their fur completely sticking to the carpet fur, these carpets go through a lot. Professional cleaning is the solution to your crusty-looking carpets, from spills and stains to embedded dirt. 

Carpet cleaning services Charlotte, NC, is a booming business, and if you want to get your carpets cleaned, here is the ultimate guide you need. Cleaning your carpet is one of the most important aspects of keeping a cozy environment. Our professionals are letting their top secrets out by giving out our best tips and tricks regarding carpet cleaning. You should clean your carpet at least once a week and as frequently as possible. Here are some of our best recommendations regarding carpet cleaning, and this is all the equipment you will need to keep them clean:

  • Vacuum
  • Spray Bottle
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Bucket
  • Rag Towels
  • Scrubs
  • Steamer

These products will be handy for most of your cleaning days and make your deep cleaning jobs relatively easier. If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Charlotte, we have an extensive guide for all your deep clean days. Our primary concern is to make the job easier for you, and we make that happen with the help of these tips:

  • Pay attention to your daily cleanups:

Vacuuming once a day is an absolute must; however, if you have kids or pets, align the task approximately two times a week. This will include carpet dusting and vacuuming to eliminate crumbs and dust residue. Cleaning and dusting the carpet regularly will keep it from clumping fabric with dust and moisture. 

  • Cater to the spills immediately:

Pet accidents, beverages, ink, or nail polish, we have all faced carpet accidents, and these spills should be catered directly. These are some of the most challenging stains; the one way to get most of these out is by blotting the stain. Make sure you don’t rub or smudge the paint because it will make the spills harder to remove. Make sure you blot out the maximum you can and roll with the residue after most of it gets dragged out. Try to get the maximum chemical out and do all the post-treatment.

  • Make an all-rounder solution and blot:

One part distilled white vinegar with three pieces of cold water in a spray bottle. This is a one-solution to clean down the carpets; now only will it act like a disinfecting solution, but it will also break down the compounds of spilled materials. If you see any bleeding of color, stop the process already. Only dampen the carpet, do not entirely saturate it, and use a microfiber cloth to pat down and remove all the excess. You can also use shaving cream and carpet shampoos for tough stains in the same manner.

  • Allow your carpets to air-dry:

You will not believe the amount of impact air-drying and sunlight can make. Rugs have a one-base synthetic fiber composition. Only a few of them are made with natural fibers, making it easier to steam down the stains by patting them with the given solution. Air drying is also an excellent method to allow your carpet to breathe and let go of that stinky feet smell. The fibers retain moisture and produce an unpleasant scent, which can be minimized with proper air circulation. 

  • Take the necessary measures:

Pre-treating the carpet will make the stains easier to remove, and you can do that through baking soda and salt, both equal parts. Set aside a spray bottle and sprinkle it on your dirty carpet, then spray it with water. Ensure you dampen the carpet and then scrub it down with a brush. Wipe away all the loosened soil; you can suction the area down with the help of a vacuum or a steam mop. This will deep clean the fibers and reduce any residue on the carpet. 

These steps will make your life relatively more accessible, but taking precautions such as not using shoes on the carpet and treating the stains immediately will prolong its life. Ensure you use your vacuum well and protect your carpets while moving furniture for maximum fiber fluff. Place the doormats inside and outside at all times to ensure that your indoor luxury carpets are safe from unwanted dirt and dust. 

If you have tried everything and cannot find the perfect professional finish for carpet cleaning services in Charlotte, NC, we have you sorted. Kick in Klein is the one-stop solution to all your deep cleaning days, and with professional help and expertise, we will ensure that you enjoy a clean and hygienic finish. 

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