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How to Clean Office Equipment: The Ultimate Guide

Workspace cleaning can be one of the most tedious yet essential tasks; however, it is just as important as keeping your house clean. A clean workspace invites productivity and innovation as you get through your workload for the day. Commercial cleaning services might be your call if you look forward to aligning professionals. Most of the professionals have been trained through their companies to accommodate spaces that require intense cleaning; however, what may be visibly clean to the eye, might not be the case at all times. 

We have you sorted if you want commercial cleaning services in Charlotte NC! Your office equipment can stay squeaky clean only when you take care of it and dust down the station for a collected look. In case you are worried about the overall idea of availing of these services, we have this entire blog with all the information you need! 

Top-Notch Commercial Cleaning Services Made Easy! 

Standard commercial cleaning includes various tasks; however, if you are thinking about deep cleaning the whole space, this is the blog you need! We are talking about all the work that revolves around cleaning your workspace. Various everyday tasks must be performed, such as mopping, vacuuming, bin cleaning, disinfecting, and wiping down all the hard surfaces. 

Many commercial cleaning services in Charlotte, NC, allow additional deep cleansing services on a weekly or monthly basis. This might include fabric vacuuming, dusting of high surfaces, and deep cleaning of all vents. Considering each section and performing the cleanup might be the best case for you if you want to give your space a complete makeover. Here are some cleaning tips and tricks from our professionals regarding each service. 

  • How To Clean A Computer & Working Space?

The era of modern times demands us to work on our screens, utilizing maximum space for computers and gadgets. For maximum productivity, you must determine your needs and remove the useless clutter from the table. This might include unnecessary files, old pictures, useless stationery, and all the gadgets you don’t need. Your computer and keyboard need a soft microfiber cloth to dust off any dirt. Wipe down with an alcohol-based disinfectant, so the chemical doesn’t leave any residue. This means you can wipe off all the dust once and for all. Try using cotton buds or Q-tips for the keyboard keys and the space between them. This will allow you to reach areas without digging in or damaging the keys. 

  • How To Clean Your Office Desk?

Your office desk is your personal space, and keeping it clean and free of clutter will only allow you to be more productive. This maintenance will keep hygiene intact, reducing the risk of airborne diseases. Try to maximize the space by having more open rooms and wiping down the hard surfaces before you start working. Only keep the essentials such as the calendar, pen holder, relevant files, extension for your charging gadgets, and other necessary holders. Make a designated space for your everyday mobile items, such as your phone, the coffee cup, or even your mid-day snacks. 

  • How to Clean Your Office Chair?

Your office chair is probably a hot seat for germs and bacteria because of its consistent usage for approximately 8-9 hours daily. You utilize one chair throughout the day and then go ahead with it for months; sometimes, years can build together a massive amount of bacteria. With lint, crumbs, dust, and hair accumulating each day, this one product can make you sick super soon. Consider the chair cleaning routine as given on the manufacturer’s model. Another technique includes the usage of a vacuum cleaner for dense fabrics. Transparent dishwashing soaps can work quite well for maximum utilization of space by cleaning that down with a microfiber cloth. Keep a spray bottle handy and utilize natural homemade solutions like rubbing alcohol, vinegar, or laundry detergent for stubborn fabrics. Regular maintenance will ensure the life longevity of the material and keep your sitting space clean and hygienic. Let it soak in some sunshine to dry down the chemical residue. 

  • How To Clean A Dry Erase Board?

Dry-erase boards are a significant investment to jot down ideas and help other people understand your concepts. You only need dry-erase markers, a whiteboard eraser, a whiteboard cleaning solution, and a damp cloth. Dry boards are made of melamine; if you have accidentally used a permeant marker, the new dry-erase marker can come in handy. Similarly, use the marker, draw over the stained area, and erase down the surface. It will wipe off the permanent market as well. A solution is specially formulated to clean these dry-erase boards. Using that with a damp cloth can clean out all the residue of those stains. 

  • How To Clean A Photocopier Machine?

Photocopier machines had seen a lonely time in these Covid days when everyone was working from home. To clean photocopier machines, ensure that all power supplies are shut before beginning the process. All contact areas should be cleaned, including panels, covers, jams, locations, and all visible areas, with isopropyl alcohol and disposable gloves. It is a highly flammable chemical and should always be used with care. Dampen a microfiber cloth with the solution and wipe down all the areas. Do not spray the chemical because it can choke down the droplets into the machine. Put the device in a well-ventilated area to let the alcohol evaporate. 

These are some of our best tips to save you an expensive commercial cleaning service day. If you are looking for commercial cleaning services in Charlotte, NC, the professionals at Kick In Klean have you sorted! We believe in elevating your cleaning goals, making each job relatively easy for our clients, and making their space stand out with our high-end cleaning services.

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