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Medical Office Cleaning Checklist

Medical Office Cleaning Checklist

Hygiene is one of the aspects which cannot be compromised at any cost. The medical office cleaning checklist includes various factors to ensure the safety of the space. Every space that provides for the protection of human life should always be considered with high safety. Professional Commercial cleaning services are just as important as making the most of the medical office cleaning checklist template. The idea is to ensure that your patients receive the best care without getting exposed to germs and bacteria. Not only is it mandated by the government, but a clean workplace also prevents the spread of germs from and to sick patients and protects the health and safety of staff and patients alike.

Doctors’ office cleaning and sanitization are required to keep employees and patients safe and maintain the office’s appearance. These services include accountable consideration, where you have to ensure quality control and compliance with these cleaning services. A cleaning plan can ensure quality control and compliance for medical offices. Cleaning professionals at commercial cleaning companies can provide recurring cleaning services such as disinfecting, floor care, day porters, and more. 

Cleaning medical offices is an aspect that should always be addressed. This includes various services such as office, examination room, and bathroom cleaning. Restocking, reception area and office organization, dusting surfaces, vacuuming and cleaning floors, and disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as door handles, chairs, sinks, phones, books, computers, and medical equipment to ensure complete safety of the area. 

The medical office’s daily checklist includes the following: 

Exterior Cleaning

Apart from the exterior looks of your medical space, the cleaning and maintenance of your space are rather important. The aim is to maintain sanitary cause and prevent the spread of germs, dirt, or debris into the office. As a medical center, you should always have a safe space that is not a hotspot for bacterial growth. External cleaning includes: 

  • Cleaning around dumpsters
  • Emptying and cleaning external trash cans and ashtrays.
  • Keeping the parking lot free of debris.
  • Removing standing water or other slip-and-fall hazards from primary walkways
  • Regular cleaning or swapping of walkway and entrance mats

Back Office Cleaning

There is no doubt that the back office can have a lot of hotspots for bacterial growth, which is why it requires special attention. This is where all your employees will be working daily; cleaning and sanitization are essential to ensure that your space is not contagiously spreading germs.

Here are some of the tasks that will be performed daily:

  • Sweeping and vacuuming the floors.
  • Mopping all hard surface flooring.
  • Regularly emptying the trash.
  • Removing clutter around desks and the office.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting all horizontal surfaces in the medical office, including desks daily
  • Cleaning and sanitizing walls
  • Disinfecting phones, keyboards, and mice.
  • Wiping and sanitizing the inside of the refrigerator and microwave in the breakroom
  • Cleaning and disinfecting sinks, coffee pots, and mugs regularly.

Waiting Room Cleaning

Entry rooms have the most traffic in terms of footfall. These rooms see a significant number of sick people, which is why it is essential to maintain sanitization and cleanliness. These areas are to be cleaned with these tips: 

  • Regularly disinfect all door handles and plates
  • Sweep and mop all hard flooring daily
  • Clean and disinfect all tables, chairs, and counters regularly
  • Sanitize any children’s toys in the area
  • Strip and wax hard floorings at least once per year to maintain a professional appearance and to protect its surfaces

Restroom Maintenance

Restrooms show a lot about the hygiene of a space which is why this is a factor that should be highly considered. As a business entity that works in the health sector, cleaning and sanitization should be your top priority. The checklist includes the given tasks, which are: 

  • Have a readily available supply of toilet paper, soap, and paper towels at all times
  • Regularly check toilets and urinals for clogs or leaks and repair them immediately
  • Clean and disinfect all handrails daily
  • Sweep, mop, and scrub the floors regularly
  • Clean all walls and vertical surfaces frequently, starting from the bottom and working your way up to avoid damage from streaking
  • Clean and sanitize all sinks, faucets, mirrors, changing tables, and counters
  • Empty trash bins regularly and remove any debris from the floor or counters.
  • Clean and disinfect urinals, toilets, door handles, and plates.

Apart from these significant areas, the patient’s room makes the first impact. Regular scrubbing, sweeping, mopping, and disinfecting should be a part of the routine regardless of the day. Additional measures and monthly deep cleaning tasks should be considered to ensure the complete sanitation and security of your medical space. Ultimately it makes an impression on your patients and employees, which is directly linked to your business’s growth.  


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