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A professional service cleans the offices with specialized care and efficiency. Residential and commercial cleaning gets done at different times. Commercial cleaning services are convenient during the night, whereas workers for  residential cleaning services can get their job done during the day.   The way of payment for commercial cleaning and residential services is also different. The companies can pay for commercial cleaning services according to the signed contract or on a monthly basis.  When you get facilitated through residential cleaning services, the cleaners expect their payment on the day of service.

  • Residential and commercial

Residential and commercial cleaners differ in their cleaning needs.  A reputed residential cleaning service specializes in cleaning floors, bedrooms, and bathrooms through the right solutions and tools. On the other hand, a commercial cleaning service works in offices, buildings, and retail stores.

  • Commercial cleaning services

Commercial cleaning services are directly related to businesses. It deals with commercial waste cleanup.

  • Professional commercial cleaning services

Professional commercial cleaning services ensure that your business is clean and operational. Our cleaning services ensure that the offices, retail environments, and medical practices are hygienic and clean. We believe if we provide excellent cleaning services to our clients their company would run efficiently.


Residential and commercial cleaning works intend to keep the client’s spaces in good condition!

  • Residential and commercial cleaners customize their cleaning services according to customers’ preferences. Kick in Klean understands the cleaning needs differ for each company. Suppose a school’s cleaning needs would differ from an agency’s cleaning requirements. 
  • We can plan our cleaning packages according to the customer’s budget. We can make personalized pricing packages or re-vamp the older ones to provide well-cleaned spaces. 
  • Residential and commercial cleaning services impact a company in the long run. Hiring a well-reputed cleaning service helps a company generate a reputation among its competitors. 
  • Residential and commercial cleaners ensure that all the offices and shops get cleaned and sanitized. We believe cleanliness and hygiene promote and enhance employee productivity and health. 
  • Kick in Klean offers services such as power washing, ceiling tile cleaning, and disinfecting services for residential and commercial cleaning. Our client experiences high-quality cleaning and maintenance services.
  • Our cleaning services use high-quality and innovative equipment to clean properties efficiently. We provide such top-notch cleaning that leaves our clients satisfied with our services. 

Residential and commercial cleaning ensures that all offices get adequately cleaned and sanitized. Our cleaning services invite more space and use effective methods to sanitize the place. We have noticed that due to high traffic in such spaces, they get dirty in a short period. We work on such spots in the workplace to make them look appealing. Kick in Klean believes reception is the place that grabs the most attention, so we apply the best cleaning solutions. Residential and commercial cleaners clean the property and give it a thorough cleaning to ensure it’s ready for new occupants. Our professional cleaners create a cleaning schedule that meets our client’s expectations.

Residential and commercial cleaning helps clients achieve the dream of a spotless building that could transform into an office or home. We perform the tasks which require extra care, which require plumbing fixtures. When our cleaning team encounters such problems, we look into the deep cleaning process. Residential and commercial cleaners also give the clients weekly or bi-weekly appointments. Such cleaning sessions through our professional cleaners take less time than the initial visit since the initial visit costs more. Once our client becomes our loyal customer, we then analyze all kinds of cleaning problems and give them the solution. Residential and commercial cleaning ensures that your workplace and surroundings are safe, germ-free, and cleaned. Our customers have always appreciated the professionalism of our cleaners and given positive feedback, and we have satisfied them with our reliable services.

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