Window Cleaning
  • WE BRING OUR SUPPLIES: Kick in Klean knows that having the right equipment may not be possible for every owner, so we bring our supplies. You do not have to hustle about any extra equipment or accessories. We ensure that no excess mess is made to create a clean space. The cleaners buy these supplies with every chemical or cleaner required so that you can sit back and relax.


  • EXPERIENCED EMPLOYEES: Our employees and cleaners are professionally trained to make your homes squeaky clean so that you can sit back and relax in a clean space. We ensure all our employees are background checked, bonded, and insured. They are also personality reviewed with all other proper affirmations. The best and most experienced professionals get the job to provide quality services.


  • VAST PORTFOLIO: Our portfolio in window cleaning in Charlotte, NC, is massive, and we are committed to excelling at every step for the betterment of your space. The feedback and reviews we get from our clients speak for our success, ensuring that we are pacing on the right path and making progress. This progress in the portfolio provides our strength and power in the market.


Cleaning windows can be a hassle for many people, but we ensure that you enjoy a clean view without having to see scratches and patches. Nobody wants crusty-looking window glasses because it completely downgrades the outside outlook. Window cleaning Charlotte, NC, is a competitive market, and you will find many businesses promising to be the best. Kick in Klean makes the term come true and provides the best services for cleaning.

Your home is your safe space; keeping it clean, organized, and to the mark is something every homeowner seeks. Windows are the outlook of your house, which can make or break the exterior look. It is the coordination between exterior and interior, so keeping them clean is the first thing anyone should consider for a complete and clean finish. Window Cleaning in Charlotte, NC, is an ever-growing business, and Kick in Klean ensures you receive the best services without paying excessively. Whether it is for residential or commercial windows, we have you sorted!

Cleaning services are expensive for simply asking for thousands of bucks for one session. However, our starting packages come at an affordable $200 rate so that you can avail these services without worrying too much. Our cleaners are professionally trained to give you squeaky clean windows without any pours or patches. We make window cleaning in Charlotte, NC, easy by being accessible, affordable, and feasible for all homeowners.

Grease, grime, and all the environmental contamination are the biggest culprit of dirty-looking windows. These windows are not impossible to clean with professional-grade tools and equipment. Our cleaners take each step with extreme care and expertise to ensure that every inch looks uniform and clean. Squeegee, professional tools, chemicals, and cleaners can remove 99.9% of the dirt and debris stuck on the glass. This process removes all the land from the pores to get the cleaning job done. After that, the edges, sills, and corners are wiped clean to ensure no watermarks or patches form due to these drips. By this point, your windows should look squeaky clean, with almost an invisible finish.

If you are looking for window cleaning in Charlotte, NC, Kick in Klean is your ultimate savior. We believe in honesty and commitment to our clients. You do not have to worry one bit about running around grabbing chemicals and other equipment to get the job done. When you book with us, you do not have to worry about the task being time-taking or not having the equipment.


We believe each project has its potential, and bringing that out is only possible with the help of professional cleaners. Your house is a canvas and requires much attention to keep up with a well-maintained pace. Tracing all tracks and keeping a note of each corner of your house might not be feasible; however, we ensure that you enjoy a complete finish without worrying about the external finish and other cleaning effects. 

We aim to help your space become more clean, vibrant, and maintained. All of our services are customizable according to the need of your room. We arrange everything regarding the cleaning process so that it does not become a hassle for you. These dirt patches and watermarks are not easy to clean, but they can be with professional help

and cleaning services. Our solutions are beyond your expectations as we work with a formulation that shows results to scale the life span of clean windows:

  • WATER SPOT TREATMENT: Water spots can damage the glass, and its treatment should be done professionally to prevent future spotting.

  • PRINT PREVENTION: Fingerprints on the glass are normal, and we swipe them out through the correct usage of chemical solutions.

  • TOUCH UP: Make your window glass stand out with the help of our touch-up services provided with high-end professional chemicals to prolong the clean finish.

  • WINDOW FILM: Increase the lifespan of your windows and furniture inside the room with UV protection of window film, taken through professional expertise.

The market for window cleaning in Charlotte, NC, is expanding by the day, and one should commit to finding the right service providers to ace the best potential. Kick in Klean is the ultimate solution to your residential and commercial cleaning services. Ensure that you receive the best services without worrying about the quality of work because it showcases excellence above all!


You can avail the best windows cleaning services by connecting with our dedicated professionals that provide exclusive services from commercial to residential cleaning. Your project is just one quote and one call away from reaching completion, and we make sure that you make the best out of our services in a limited amount of time. Kick in Klean is majorly known for its quality services; with our leading machinery and process mechanism, the job is not far from perfect.

We offer competitive market rates and multiple service packages that are great for people on the look for a whole package. Your home should feel like home, so it is essential to keep it neat and clean! Our employees and professional cleaners are trained to tackle the internal issues of the project and work on them according to the given personalization. The process is relatively simple, but to complete it in an ample amount of time, along with a polished look, is a task that requires a lot of skill. We are the team of skilled professionals you need to get all of your things in order. The neat look that your building needs is easily possible with the help of our dedicated professionals and some alignment of time. Get your hands on the best services in town, and enjoy the best look that amplifies the exterior and interior of your space!