Window Cleaning
Window Cleaning In Charlotte NC


Cleaning windows is not easy for many people, but we ensure that you enjoy a clean view without seeing scratches and patches. We are aware that everybody hates crusty-looking window glasses because it completely downgrades the outer look. The market for window cleaning services is expanding by the day, and one should find the right service providers to ace the best potential. Kick in Klean is a trusted solution for your residential and commercial cleaning services. 

Our Company offers services in a  competitive market, and many businesses guarantee the best results. Kick in Klean makes your dream come true and provides the best services for cleaning. Window cleaning services in Charlotte, NC is an ever-growing business. Kick in Klean ensures you receive the best services without paying excessively. However, our starting packages come at an affordable $200 rate so that you can avail of these services without worrying too much.


Grease, dirt, and environmental contamination are the most significant cause of dirty-looking windows. These windows are possible to clean with professional tools and equipment. We take all the steps with extreme care and expertise to ensure that every inch looks uniform and clean.

If you are looking for cleaning windows services in Charlotte, NC, Kick in Klean has you covered. You do not have to worry about buying new tools and running around grabbing chemicals to get the job done. When you hire our cleaning team, they assure to handle the task efficiently. 

  • PROFESSIONAL SUPPLIES: Kick in Klean knows that having the right equipment is only possible for some owners, so we carry our supplies wherever we go. You do not have to worry about any extra equipment or accessories. The cleaners buy these supplies with chemicals or cleaners required so you can sit back and relax.


  • EXPERIENCED EMPLOYEES: Our cleaners are professionally trained to elevate the look of your home by keeping it clean. We ensure all our hired staff is background checked, bonded, and insured. They are also personality reviewed with all other proper affirmations. The best and most experienced professionals get the job of providing quality services.


  • VAST PORTFOLIO: Our portfolio in cleaning services is massive, and we are committed to excelling at every step for elevating your space. The feedback and reviews we get from our clients speak for our success and quality of services. This progress in the portfolio provides us with trust and popularity in the market.


Your house is like a canvas that requires much attention to keep up with a well-maintained and elevated pace! Tracing all tracks and keeping a note of each corner of your house is not feasible. However, we ensure you enjoy a complete finish without worrying about external finishes and other cleaning effects. We aim to help your space become cleaner, more vibrant, and well-maintained. Our services are offered according to the client’s needs and demands. Our solutions are beyond your expectations as we work with a formulation that shows results to scale the lifespan of clean windows. 
  • WATER SPOT TREATMENT: Water spots can damage the glass, and its treatment should be done professionally to prevent future spotting.

  • PRINT PREVENTION: Fingerprints on the glass are expected, so we swipe them out through the correct usage of chemical solutions.

  • TOUCH-UP: Make your window glass stand out with the help of our services. We provide high-end professional chemicals to prolong the clean finish. 

  • WINDOW FILM: Increase the lifespan of your windows with our services. Our cleaners also improve the life of furniture inside the room with UV protection of window film, taken through professional expertise.